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How fast is your website? I'm sure it could be faster. I am happy to help you by improving the Core Web Vitals of your website.
You will get more satisfied customers and increased revenue. It's that simple. 

Arjen Karel Core Web Vitals Consultant
Arjen Karel

I help companies fix the Core Web Vitals, set up robuust Core Web Vitals RUM tracking, improve pagespeed awareness and manage Core Web Vitals best-practice implementation

✔ 15+ years of experience in fixing PageSpeed
✔ Highly recommended with a proven track record
✔ I will analyze, explain, mobilize and implement an improved performance strategy

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Become a Core Web Vitals expert with our Core Web Vitals training.

In today's digital world, having a fast, user-friendly website is essential for any business. A website that is slow to load or difficult to navigate can drive away potential customers and hurt a company's bottom line. This is where Core Web Vitals training can help. By teaching web developers and designers about the importance of these metrics and how to optimize for them, Core Web Vitals training can help a company improve the performance of its website and provide a better user experience. This, in turn, can help attract more customers and improve the overall success of the business..


Core Web Vitals - Basic

I will work with your developers and fix the Core Web Vitals
  • 2 hours
  • Identify potential problem areas in your site
  • Learn how to measure the Core Web Vitals
  • Learn how to fix the most Common Core Web Vitals issues

Team training

Book me for half a day and fix the most important issues
  • Fix Core Web Vital issues
  • Find quick fixes and easy wins
  • Verify your pagespeed strategy

Core Web Vitals expert

Dig deep into your Core Web Vitals in 1 full day
  • Dig deeper into the Core Web Vitals
  • Learn how to fix the INP and FID
  • Create a PageSpeed strategy

Did you know ...

A 100 ms pagespeed delay  can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent.

lighthouse 100 score
Core Web Vitals

Working with me means:

Core Web Vitals training helps website owners understand the impact of the Core Web Vitals on the user experience of their website, as well as how to optimize them. By understanding the importance of the Core Web Vitals, website owners can make informed decisions about which aspects of their website to prioritize in order to improve the overall user experience.

Core Web Vitals training can also help website owners optimize their website for search engine optimization (SEO). By understanding how the Core Web Vitals can impact SEO, website owners can identify areas of their website that need improvement in order to increase their ranking in search engine results.

How can I help you improve the Core Web Vitals?

One of the first things I do, to quickly improve the Core Web Vitals, is fix the the slow-by-mistake. I will thoroughly analyse the site and create actionable tickets to fix those mistakes. 

Then, usually in parallel, I will unravel the slow-by-design issues for the site. This usually means understanding the choices that were made and then coming up with better, faster implementations to achieve a much faster result.

  1. The three main Core Web Vitals metrics: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

  2. How to measure and track Core Web Vitals using tools like the Chrome User Experience Report and Lighthouse.

  3. Techniques for optimizing LCP, FID, and CLS on a website, including strategies for improving loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

  4. Best practices for monitoring and maintaining Core Web Vitals over time to ensure that a website remains fast, smooth, and user-friendly.

  5. The role of Core Web Vitals in search engine optimization (SEO) and how they can affect a website's ranking in search results.

  6. The future of Core Web Vitals and how they might evolve in response to changes in the web landscape and user behavior.

A winning pagespeed strategy!

Core Web Vitals monitoring is the pillar on which I base my success. I can oversee or implement robust real-time Core Web Vitals monitoring, set up PageSpeed budget monitoring and set up goals and warnings.

Arjen Karel Core Web Vitals consultancy

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." That is why I will raise Core Web Vitals awareness through in-house workshops and training.

The proof is out there!

Apart from having the fastest site of all the Core Web Vitals consultants feel free to check out who I have worked for. Here is a a small sample of companies we helped improve

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Core Web Vitals

Frequently asked questions

My web developer does the pagespeed for us. Can you help him/her?

Yes I can. Web-developers are used to thinking about how the page looks and feels, a good webmaster will even consider the server side implications but most never considered the rendering issues that a site may cause.

Can you help improve our CLS?

Yes, I do this all the time. Be sure to mention this in beforehand in the details. I will prepare a local development environment and share my screen while we debug the CLS together.

Why should I ask you, our SEO partner offers pagespeed services?

Alright, getting right to the tough questions. I am the guy that has forgotten more about PageSpeed then your SEO company will ever know. We all have our specialty. They might be able to patch some Core Web Vital issues, I will fix them for once and for all.

Do I need this service or a complete audit?

The live core web vitals support is perfectly suited for webmaster or teams that have a good knowledge about websites and are working fixing their Core Web Vitals on their own. Sometimes it is a great idea to get a little outside perspective from somebody that has been doing this for a long time.

May I record our Call?

Great question that I get a lot. Yes, you are allowed to record our call and use it for internal purposes only.

Can we use Zoom / Teams instead of Google meet?

Yes, feel free to use your preferred app for online meetings. When you beek a meeting you will receive a confirmation email with a Google Meet link where we van meet. Reply to the confirmation mail and send me the invite link for Zoom / Teams / Skype.

Can I add our team members to the call?

Yes, the more the merrier. I love sharing my knowledge so please invite your team!

I want to reschedule

Please don't. I am very busy. I have prepared for our meeting and I am serious about fixing your pagespeed issues. If you absolutely can make the meet (these things happen, I get it) you get one reschedule. Use it wisely!

PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals TrainingCore Web Vitals PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals Training