PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals Training

Improve your teams Core Web Vitals knowledge, get practical insight and be ready to meet the demands of a modern fast website. 

Level up on the Core Web Vitals

My Core Web Vitals training is designed to help teams improve their Core Web Vitals knowledge on a practical level! Whether you're a developer, designer or marketer, an expert-led training session with me will give you the skills and knowledge you need to optimize any website's performance .

Core Web Vitals Mastery for High-Performance Teams

Higt performing teams looking to up their skills - 4 hours
  • Deep dive into advanced Core Web Vitals optimization strategies
  • Learn how to diagnose and fix complex performance issues
  • Master performance optimization tools and best practice
  • Collaborative workshop format for knowledge sharing and problem-solving
  • Develop a data-driven approach to maintaining optimal website speed and user experience

Core Web Vitals Fundamentals  training

Individuals or teams new to Core Web Vitals - 4 hours.
  • Demystify Core Web Vitals (LCP, INP, CLS) and their importance for website success.
  • Learn to identify potential performance bottlenecks on your website using developer tools
  • Discover common Core Web Vitals optimization techniques for faster load times and smoother user experience.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to prioritize and implement Core Web Vitals improvements

Core Web Vitals for Agencies & Consultants

Web agencies, consultants, and marketing professionals - full day
  • Comprehensive understanding of Core Web Vitals and their impact on SEO and user experience.
  • Learn how to conduct thorough Core Web Vitals audits and present findings to clients
  • Master advanced optimization techniques for various website platforms and technologies.
  • Develop strategies for ongoing Core Web Vitals monitoring and maintenance plans.
  • Case studies and best practices for successful client implementation

Did you know ...

A 100 ms pagespeed delay  can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent.

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Core Web Vitals

Training with me means:

My Core Web Vitals training isn't about theoretical perfection, it's all about real-world results.  As a seasoned specialist, I understand the challenges businesses face. They need to make strategic decisions that will always impact the Core Web Vitals. 

That's why my approach focuses on implementing the most effective solutions within those specific constraints:


Learn to make informed choices that consider time, budget, and other business factors, ensuring you achieve optimal Core Web Vitals without sacrificing other priorities.

Data driven

Learn how to use RUM, CrUX and even synthetic  data to identify the most effective solutions to improve the Core Web Vitals and prevent regression.

Practical implementations

You'll learn actionable skills to implement improvements immediately and see an immediate improvement in website speed.

Advanced pagespeed audit

The proof is out there!

Apart from having the fastest site of all the Core Web Vitals consultants feel free to check out who I have worked for. Here is a a small sample of companies we helped improve

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Every business depends on website performance:

happy customers stay longer, convert better, buy more, and come back more often. A high-performing website can make the difference between growth and revenue loss.

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PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals TrainingCore Web Vitals PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals Training