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lighthouse 100 score
lighthouse 100 score

The free Core Web Vitals WordPress Plugin that will give you back the control

I was not happy with existing WordPress plugins that are out there. Now I am not the type of person to complain, I am the type of person that just writes their own plugin.  It does everything I need it to do (and a bit more) when I fix the Core Web Vitals for a WordPress Website

Super fast caching

Serve pages 500% faster with page level caching



Serve smaller, faster styles only when needed.



Take back control of your JavaScript , defer scripts and finetune for better results



Prioritize and preload important images, lazy load the rest


PageSpeed monitoring

Real time monitoring enabled by default!.


Resource hints

Remove non-critical and slow resource hints and add the ones you need!

Resource Hints

Did you know ...

"WP Core Web Vitals outperforms other pagespeed plugins by 160% on average!"


Core Web Vitals monitoring

WP Core Web Vitals comes with Real User Monitoring (RUM tracking). 

This allows you to track the real Core Web Vitals in real-time and measure the impact of your pagespeed improvements.

WordPRess RUM monitoring


WP Core Web Vitals helps you minify, compress and optimize CSS files.

Critical CSS: Critical CSS (the CSS that is used to render the visible viewport) is placed inline in the head of the page. Now the browser starts rendering immediately without downloading all your stylesheets. Sounds good? Sure but only for new visitors!

Optimized file-size: Since styles are as fast as the slowest stylesheet WP Core Weg Vitals can redesign your stylesheets. It will create even sized stylesheets that will finish downloading at the same time.

Website Core Web Vitals Audit


WP Core Web Vitals will prioritize your important images and lazy load below-the-fold images.

LCP Detection: The most important thing to do is to define the LCP element. WP Core Web Vitals has a smart parser that will do most of the work for you! We can preload it through a preload link or even a 103 header.

Lazy loading: Below the fold images should be lazy loaded and ansyn rendered. We will help you lazy load these image through native lazy loading or a lightweight JavaScript loader.

Website Core Web Vitals Audit


Scripts are the worst nightmare for a web performance engineer. Scripts should have a time a and a place. Wordpress does not enforce this. This results to scripts blovcking the browser and exectuging early.

Deferred loading: Wp Core Web Vitals can defer all your Scripts at once. If your scripts do not change the lay-out too much this will be a a great choice and will definitely speed up your page a lot!

Priority finetuning: With deferring scripts 2 things might go worng. Scripts either execute too late or still too early. Priority finetuning can fix this!

Website Core Web Vitals Audit


Caching a page can make it appear almost instantly with full page caching there is no need to generate the the page on-the-fly. We can just instantly serve a version that was generated a few moments ago.

WP Core Web Vitals can ensure that cache files get refreshed automatically and will only serve cached versions of the page to the right visitors!

Website Core Web Vitals Audit

Page options

WordPress plugin have a tendency to add way too many preload, prefetch and dns-prefetch resource hints to the page. WP Core Web Vitals can remove the bad ones for you.

Content visibility: Content visibility defers rendering of certain parts of the page until they are almost in the visible viewport. WP Core Web Vitals can apply content-visibility settings for your footer.

Website Core Web Vitals Audit


Fonts tend to cause issues with layout shifts and might slow down the page when there is no adequate font strategy.

Font Strategy: WP Core Web Vitals will let your upload your own font files, customize the font-display property and preload the fonts if needed.

Icons: For icon fonts WP Core Web Vitals will give you the opportunity to defer the loading of these fonts to avoid network competition with other, more important resources.

Website Core Web Vitals Audit

Dedicated to making the Web faster

I am a Core Web Vitals specialist & Web Performance Consultant. I am dedicated to making the internet a faster place.

I was not happy with existing WordPress plugins that are out there. So what do you do? Exactly .. you build your own and make it do exactly what you need it do do!. 

That is why WP Core Web Vitals currently outperforms all other pagespeed plugins (without dirty tricks or manipulating your lighthouse score!)

Advanced pagespeed audit

A word of caution!

PageSpeed plugins love to present the concept of fixing the Core Web Vitals as something as simple as clicking a button.  If that were true I would be out of a job :-)

In some cases they are right. Basic best practice will get you a long way. For example, lazy loading below the fold images will most definitely speed up your site!

After implementing all the good practices we get to a point where what is good for one page might not be good for another. For example deferring render critical scripts will only make your page slower (while deferring non-render critical scripts will probably make it faster).

That's why you will need to take some time to properly configure the plugin! Click-and-go might seem appealing but remember that the site is probably someone's business. Give it the attention it deserves!

1. Install

Download and Install WP Core Web Vitals. It comes with a predefined setup that will be pretty good for most WordPress website's

2. Configure

Take some time to properly configure the plugin. Test with the different settings until you have hit the sweet spot!

3. Enjoy

Take a step back .... breathe ... relax. Your site now outperforms the competition. At least on pagespeed. Savour this moment :-)

Need help?

PageSpeed ​​and Core Web Vitals Consultant

If you need help with the Core Web Vitals I am here to assist!

  • Audit pagespeed issues
  • Configure WP Core Web Vitals
  • Help identify and fix slow design choices
  • Train and coach your devteam

And if you need I can optimize your website far beyond the basic principles of the Core Web Vitals guidelines. Fast, faster, fastest.

Advanced pagespeed audit
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