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I help clients fix the Core Web Vitals. Faster sites gain free organic traffic and an improved conversion rate

lighthouse 100 score
lighthouse 100 score

I help existing teams pass the Core Web Vitals

I will work together with your existing development team to solve your Web Performance Issues and outperform your competitors. When your website does not properly load within 3 seconds, almost 50% of your visitors will drop out. This will cost you traffic, leads and turnover.

Core Web Vitals Consultancy

In-house Core Web Vitals support.


Core Web Vitals site audits

Improve and fix your PageSpeed strategy


Core Web Vitals training & workshops

Build in-house knowledge and empower your teams


Core Web Vitals Dashboard

Real User & Real-time monitoring


Did you know ...

"A 100 ms pagespeed delay can hurt conversion rates by 7%"

Our recent work

Case studies & results


Adevinta is a leading online classifieds group and champion for sustainable commerce across Europe and beyond. To keep this leading position, at least in the field of pagespeed, I consult, train and coach multiple teams to optimize and monitor performance of sites  such as marktplaats, fotocasa, subito and kiijij

LCP - More then 200% improvement
INP - More then 400% improvement
CLS - More then 250% improvement

Website Core Web Vitals Audit

DPG Media

DPG Media is the Largest Online publisher of the Benelux. The main goal was to instill a sound awareness and good understanding of Web Performance as well as set up regression testing and code quality guidelines.
I worked together with the DPG team to set up and execute a PageSpeed strategy, set up various trainings and implemented the guidelines to keep passing the Core Web Vitals.

LCP - More then 300% improvement
INP - More then 200% improvement
CLS - More then 250% improvement

Website Core Web Vitals Audit


WhoWhatWear.com is the leading online platform for premium and original style and shopping content, catering to trend-setting fashion lovers and their followers.
The job was straightforward: help fix the issues that the developers were unable to solve themselves. I analysed the website and found the issues that were causing the poor performance. I then worked together with the developers to fix the issues and improve the performance.

LCP - More then 300% improvement
INP - More then 20% improvement
CLS - More then 350% improvement

Website Core Web Vitals Audit


Voices connects producers, marketers, instructors and educators at companies big and small to the perfect freelance creative talent for their projects.
Voices had changed their tech stack and needed guidance on how to improve the performance of their website on the new stack.

LCP - More then 160% improvement
INP - More then 20% improvement
CLS - More then 30% improvement

Website Core Web Vitals Audit

PageSpeed strategy for your development team

Is your development team unable to optimize the pagespeed experience? Or do you want your developers to be aware of the latest developments in Core Web Vitals?

I prefer to work with development teams from a strategic plan to implementation.

Advanced pagespeed audit

Interested in working with me?

Page speed is an elusive concept for many businesses. I get that.  Perfect  Core Web Vitals should not be a goal (although I do love those!). The goal is to create the fastest website experience possible.

That's why I will not take on any client. If you are serious about speeding up your website let's talk!

1. Measure

I tackle the Core Web Vitals data-driven. There is no room for guesswork. I will measure the performance of your site, identify issues and find the best solutions and fit them into the perfect pagespeed strategy

2. Fix

I will work with you while I train, guide and empower your team while I implement a winning pagespeed strategy and fix the Core Web Vitals.

3. Enjoy

I do what I promise and make sure you get to enjoy a lightning fast website and have the monitoring and processes set up to stay fast

What to expect

PageSpeed ​​and Core Web Vitals Consultant

Click and go: that's how fast a website should be. I will work with you and continue until the user experience can no longer be improved. And that's where the magic comes in:

  • A better SEO score
  • More visitors from Google
  • More leads
  • Higher conversion
  • More customers and turnover
  • In addition, it is neat and professional. Isn't that what you want as a company?

And if you need I can optimize your website far beyond the basic principles of the Core Web Vitals guidelines. Fast, faster, fastest.

Advanced pagespeed audit
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