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I help clients fix the Core Web Vitals. Faster sites gain free organic traffic and an improved conversion rate

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I help websites pass the Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals Consultancy

In-house Core Web Vitals support.

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Core Web Vitals site audits

Improve and fix your PageSpeed strategy

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Core Web Vitals training & workshops

Build in-house knowledge and empower your teams

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WordPress  optimization

Fix your WordPress Core web vitals issues

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Core Web Vitals

Perfect PageSpeed Performance

A slow website is likely to miss out on conversions and revenue. Nearly half of internet searchers don't wait three seconds for a page to load before going to another site. Ask yourself: "Is my site fast enough to convert visitors into customers?"

As a PageSpeed expert I will fix your PageSpeed problems once and for all. I can perform a page speed audit based on the Core Web Vitals guidelines, work with your team or fix your issues myself.

Website Core Web Vitals Audit
Full PageSpeed Strategy

Beyond Core Web Vitals

There is more than a perfect lighthouse score that only considers new visitors and lab-data. I always take an extra step and make sure all visitors have an optimal pagespeed experience.

I will consider, measure, monitor and test real users interaction and optimize beyond the first visit.

Advanced pagespeed audit
Hire Core Web Vitals Expert
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Interested in working with me?

Page speed is an elusive concept for many businesses. I get that.  Perfect  Core Web Vitals should not be a goal (although I do love those!). The goal is to create the fastest website experience possible.

That's why I will not take on any client. If you are serious about speeding up your website let's talk!


1. Let's talk

Get to know me, introduce yourself and together we will figure out the perfect pagespeed strategy

2. Find Solutions

Measure the performance of your site, identify issues and find the best solutions.

3. Speed up

I do what I promise and make sure you are satisfied. Whether that is helping your developer team with the implementation of the new strategy, training or implementing the improvements yourself.

This is me

PageSpeed ​​and Core Web Vitals Consultant

I'm Arjen, the PageSpeed ​​wizard, as my clients often call me. I have enjoyed doing this every day for 17 years. Is you are unable to reduce the page speed for your website and need an expert help you ...  I'm available!


Arjen Karel Core Web Vitals consultant

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