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We will help you improve the pagespeed and core web vitals of your webpage. I have over 17 years of experience as a freelance technical SEO consultant.

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Core Web Vitals

Vital PageSpeed performance strategy

Get ready for the upcoming Core Web Vitals Update. Get your pagespeed audit from a technical pagespeed consultant. I will perform a pagespeed audit based on the Core Web Vital guidelines, return a technical report and an optimized proof of concept version of your homepage.

Website Speed Audit
Full pagespeed strategy

Extended sitespeed audit

Dive deeper into pagespeed and core web vitals optimization. I will perform a deep audit of your current website, optimize beyond the pagespeed basics and return an Advanced Technical report with Re-usable code examples and technical guidelines.

Advanced Website Speed Audit

PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals Consultant

Need help improving your pagespeeed and core web vital metrics? With the web core vitals update just around the corner now is the time to  speed up your website. I will make your website load faster, uptimize your core web vitals metics or even go beyond to provide your visitors with the best possible pagepseed experience.

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