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lighthouse 100 score
lighthouse 100 score

WP Core Web Vitals Download & Installation

Please take some time to properly configure WP core Web Vitals! Each site is different and requires a slightly different configuration for optimal results! Click-and-go might seem appealing but remember that the site is probably someone's business. Give any site the attention it deserves!!

Step 1: Download WP Core Web Vitals

This is the easy part. Just click here and download WP Core Web Vitals. After you click this link WP Core Web Vitals will start download. Save the ZIP file anywhere on your harddrive. You will need it in a minute!

Step 2: Install WP Core Web Vitals

install wp corewebvitals

Navigate to the admin section of your site . Click on Plugins (1) -> add new (2) -> upload plugin (3). Select the zip file (4) that you have just downloaded and click install. Once the plugin has been installed click activate. Wp Core Web Vitals is now installed. Click on WP Core Web Vitals on the topbar and then click settings to start configuring it!

Step 3: Configure WP Core Web Vitals

First make sure that your WordPress cache folder is writable. WP Core Web Vitals will give you instructions on how to do that. Next carefully test the options and read the documentation to decide if an option should be enabled or disabled for your site.

Good luck!
WP Core Web Vitals installationCore Web Vitals WP Core Web Vitals installation